Parents call for teacher to be fired after he was caught on video calling Black student the N-word

The parents of an Iowa high school student who was called the N-word by a teacher are demanding that the teacher be fired, The Daily Beast reported. 

Melinda Carter told the Dubuque Community School board on Monday that the incident was traumatizing for her 17-year-old son and her family.

“On May 31, our son was the victim of racial discrimination by an employee of the Dubuque Community School District,” she said through tears. “Since this incident at Hempstead High School, we have gone through a range of emotions from disbelief, anger, disappointment, and sadness. Having to sit down with our 17-year-old son and debrief the situation has been traumatizing.”

In the video that went viral online, a Black student be seen walking into the frame when the teacher said, “What you looking at, n*****?” The teacher apologized to the student and immediately went to a conversation he was having with another student.

After the incident, Dubuque Hempstead High School Assistant Principal Julia Jorgenson told parents that the teacher had been suspended while an investigation was conducted, but Carter said that she and her husband, Thackery Carter, were not told about the incident for hours after it happened.

“We hope the district re-evaluates the protocol of notifying parents in these situations,” Carter said. “We also hope the district makes the right decision and does not allow [the teacher] to continue to teach in the Dubuque Community School District. We hope the district takes this further and removes his teaching license from the state of Iowa to help ensure that no other children have to go through this.”

Watch the video below:

A high school employee in Iowa has been placed on leave after he was caught on camera hurling the N-word at a student.
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