Nice Try

Pastor claims ‘no one’ at John Lewis’ funeral wore masks — changes subject when he can’t find photo evidence

During a recent episode of his livestream, Dave Daubenmire geared up to unleash a rant about the recent funeral for Democratic politician and civil rights icon John Lewis, but abandoned ship when he seemingly realized there’s no photographic evidence for his claim that no one wore masks at the funeral.

“None of them wore masks,” Daubenmire said while asking his assistant off camera to try to find a picture of the audience. “I saw [a picture] this morning, I should have captured it.”

“All of them,” he repeated. “All of them in the church, not wearing masks! But we have to, right? We have to wear masks. Did they have to quarantine themselves after they left? No, they didn’t.”

A picture then apparently showed up on Daubenmire’s screen, but he quickly changed the subject, saying, “It doesn’t matter.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, the reason Daubenmire couldn’t the photo evidence he was looking for is because it doesn’t exist.

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