Pastor Greg Locke: Hillary Clinton is a high priestess in the Satanic Church — ‘I’ve seen the videos’

After a year of disseminating Covid disinformation to his flock, Pastor Greg Locke is returning to one of his evergreens: conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.

“Some of the most well-known, evil, corrupted politicians you know are full-blown Devil worshippers,” Locke said in a recent sermon at his Tennessee church.

“I’ve seen videos that would make you sick,” he continued.

“You know how none of these people who say stuff like this never get sued? Because they don’t want discovery. When I tell you that Hillary Clinton is a high priestess in the Satanic Church, I wish to God she’d sue me over it. I’ve seen the video footage. That woman worships the Devil one thousand percent.”

Locke went on to say that there’s no use in praying for Hillary, since she’s been “turned over to a reprobate mind,” or in other words, she’s been preselected for damnation.

“I’m telling you, Satanism has infiltrated politics in America,” he declared.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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