Pastor Greg Locke: Hospitals are ‘just like the death camps of East Germany’

During a recent sermon, Tennessee pastor Greg Locke told his followers that the government is lying about covid statistic and they people are “not dying of what they’re telling you they’re dying of.”

“The hospitals of America are the deaths camps of East Germany — the worst place to go today is a hospital when you are sick!” he declared. “They are killing people for money!”

“On purpose, and you know I’m telling you the facts!” he added.

“These doctors and nurses are killing people and blaming us,” he later said. “‘It’s them unmasked people, it’s them unvaccinated people’ … I ain’t playing with these bunch of demons … CNN can say anything it wants to. You got the wrong one of you think I’m gonna bow down to this evil, wicked nonsense.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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