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Pastor Greg Locke: There are ‘child trafficking tunnels’ beneath Biden’s White House

During a sermon this Sunday, Tennessee far-right pastor Greg Locke railed against President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, regurgitating the usual QAnon-influenced conspiracy theories about child trafficking and the 2020 election.

Despite Donald Trump’s loss in 2020, Locke insists that his prediction that Trump would win is actually “fact.”

“When are you going to apologize, for being a false prophet?” Locke said, mimicking his critics.

“When y’all going to get the memo that I didn’t get it wrong?” Locke replied to his perceived critics. “Trump ain’t never went nowhere, he ain’t back, he’s always been around.”

“He is the legitimate president of the United States of America,” Locke continued, referring to Trump. “I don’t care if you stand up and clap or not. I’m telling you, Donald Trump is the legitimate president of the United States of America. You’ve got to smoke a lot of dope in your mom’s basement not to believe that fact.”

Locke went on to list various names from the Biden administration or the Biden’s family and accused them of being part of a group that operates “child-trafficking tunnels” below the White House.

“He is going to burn the whole thing to the ground, he’s going to expose all these bunch of pedophiles. I’m telling you he’s going to expose Kamala Harris for the jezebel demon that she is,” the he said.

Watch the videos below, via Right Wing Watch:

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