The Trump Cult

Pastor Greg Locke to any Democrats who might be watching: ‘You haven’t seen an insurrection yet!’

During a recent sermon, Tennessee far-right pastor Greg Locke had a message for anyone in his congregation who votes for Democrats.

“I’m to the place right now, if you vote Democrat, I don’t even want you around this church — you can get out!” Locke bellowed to his audience. “You can get out, you demon!”

“You get out, you baby-butchering, election thieving — you cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat in this nation! I don’t care how mad that makes you! You can get pissed off if you want to,” he continued, calling Dem-supporting Christians a “God-denying Judas.”

“Get out in the name of Jesus!” he yelled.

“Buncha devils. Everyone talking about the ‘insurrection,’” he said before staring directly at the camera. “You ain’t seen an insurrection yet.”

Watch the video below:

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