Pastor trolls right-wing Christians and Trump supporters with his church signs

Signs posted in front of Pastor Adam Ericksen‘s Oregon church are getting national attention for their inclusive messages.

Ericksen, who is the pastor of Clackamas United Church of Christ, told local NBC affiliate KGW that the idea for the signs was inspired by his mother, saying that her battle with cancer made him realize that religion can be inclusive and not walled off to people who don’t buy into conservative ideals.

“It was my first experience of like, oh my gosh, God loves everyone, despite the things that happen to us, God is here with us going through it with us and leading us toward healing and love in the world,” he said.

When he first took up his role at the church over a year ago, membership was just around 30 people.

“I’m just convinced that one of the many reasons people aren’t coming to church, churches like ours, is because they don’t know that we’re there and they don’t know our message and so I was just like how are we going to get the message out?” He asked.

Since he began the sign campaign, his church’s membership has doubled.

“I just decided that we need to be bold with our message of love and inclusion, especially for those who are marginalized especially by religion,” Ericksen said.

Speaking to KGW, Ericksen that he wants his church to be a refuge for people marginalized by religion.

“Really what my goal is is to be part of a larger movement that is reframing or redefining Christianity so that it’s based on God’s love for all people, but especially those who are marginalized.”

To see more of Ericksen’s signs, visit the Clackamas United Church of Christ’s Facebook page.

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