Pastor: Trump ‘cried out to God’ while sick with COVID — so God rewarded him with 4 more years

During an appearance on Daystar Television this Tuesday, Lord of Hosts Church pastor Hank Kunneman talked about a prophetic dream he allegedly had where President Trump was taken off the campaign trail to have “an encounter with God” that would ensure his reelection.

According to Kunneman, his dream foresaw Trump’s infection and hospitalization with coronavirus — an event which he says caused Trump to call out to God, prompting God to reward with another four years in the White House. Kunneman curiously said God would extend his hand over “three elections,” suggesting that he was prophesying a Mike Pence presidency after Trump’s two terms are finished.

“[Trump] cried out to God, and just like [the biblical figure Hezekiah] said, ‘God, remember the good that I’ve done,’ so did President Trump. … Because of what happened with President Trump just recently, his calling out to God has extended God’s hand that’s going to extend over three elections,” Kunneman said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

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Sky Palma

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