Pastor’s wife fires gun during fight with another pastor’s wife in church parking lot

The wife of a West Virginia pastor is facing charges of reckless endangerment after she allegedly fired a gun during an argument with another pastor’s wife in the parking lot of New Life Apostolic Church in Oak Hill this May.

According to The Register Herald, 44-year-old Melinda Frye Toney pulled out a pistol during the altercation when it accidentally discharged. Toney is married to New Life pastor Earl Toney. The other woman, Lori Haywood, is married to the same church’s youth pastor, David Haywood.

Police say the argument was due to a simmering disagreement, and the women’s husbands suggested that the two get together to hash it out. Details on the dispute are thin and Haywood would only say they “had a disagreement, and when we sat down to talk, I called her out, and she lost it.”

The gun reportedly went off when Earl tried to wrestle the gun out of his wife’s hand after she retrieved it from her car.

Speaking to police, Haywood said that she was Toney’s intended target, but after reviewing surveillance video, police could not determine whether or not Toney intentionally aimed the gun at Haywood.

According to Fayette County Sheriff’s Detective Kevin Willis, Haywood’s children were in the parking lot at the time of the incident. Toney had a concealed carry permit, but Willis says his thinks it should be revoked.

Speaking to The Herald Register, Willis said that “most churches” have at least one member who is carrying a firearm.

Featured image: Melinda and Earl Toney (left), David and Lori Haywood (right), via The Register Herald 

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