Pat McCrory forced to admit that there are zero known cases of transgenders molesting people in bathrooms

Appearing on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory was forced to admit that there are no known cases of transgender people molesting people in public restrooms – yet he still defended his state’s anti-LGBT “bathroom law.”

McCrory complained that the Justice Department hadn’t given him enough time to respond to their accusations that HB2 violated civil rights laws.

“We don’t think three working days is enough to respond to such a threat,” McCrory said. “It’s the federal government being a bully, it’s making law, and it’s their interpretation.”

“Now the federal government is going to tell almost every private sector company in the United States who can and who cannot come into their bathrooms, their restrooms, their shower facilities,” he continued. “They are now telling every university that accepts federal funding that boys who may think they’re a girl can go into a girl’s locker room or restroom or shower facility.”

Wallace asked McCrory if he would consider it “government overreach” if the DOJ were to reign in his state if blacks were being subjected to bathroom restrictions.

“But we can definitely define the race of people,” McCrory replied. “It’s very hard to define transgender or gender identity.”

“How many cases have you had in North Carolina in the last year where people have been convicted of using transgender protections to commit crimes in bathrooms?” Wallace asked.

“This wasn’t a problem.” McCrory shot back. “That’s the point I’m making. This is the Democratic Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party.”

“Have their been any cases of this?” Wallace pressed.

“Not that I’m aware of,” McCrory admitted.

Watch the video below:

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