Pat Robertson: Biblically-based interracial dating bans at schools deserve tax-exempt status

According to televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson, the IRS was completely in the wrong to strip Bob Jones University of its tax-exempt status, after finding the school’s ban in interracial dating to be discriminatory.

Commenting on a 700 Club report and using Bob Jones University as an example, Robertson said it’s “chilling” to think about the prospect of government punishing Christian schools for opposing same-sex marriage.

“Bob Jones never prohibited men and women of different races from getting married,” Robertson said. “They never had any laws as I understand. They merely said in their statement of faith they didn’t believe that the Bible supported interracial marriage and interracial activity.”

“Now, that was their belief,” he continued. “It actually is not supported by the Bible. What the Bible is talking about is relationships between believers and non-believers, Jews and non-Jews. Not black and white.”

“Now, think what’s going to happen to those that clearly read the Bible, that a relationship between a man and a man is an abomination before the Lord!” he added. “What are they going to do? That means people that broadcast that, people who have stations that broadcast that, people who are involved in schools that teach that, whether they’re elementary schools, high schools, colleges, et cetera, the whole weight of the federal government will come down upon them, and suddenly there will be a vendetta against those who merely say we believe the Bible says this.”

Watch the video below, via The Raw Story:

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