Pat Robertson hawks ‘healthy gut’ products so ‘you don’t have to worry’ about getting coronavirus

If you eat a healthy diet and stay off junk food, you won’t have to worry about catching the coronavirus that’s currently plaguing the world, says Pat Robertson. While it’s prudent to eat healthy, current advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t mention anything about how eating a healthy diet can help you avoid this virus. The WHO does provide specific information on coping with stress and preparing food properly as the virus continues to spread.

And on his show, The 700 Club, he does get one thing right:

“80 percent of the immune system is in your gut!” he says emphatically.

And, he’s not wrong. That’s where most of it really is.

His female guest on the show agreed.

“That’s right. It’s because these little bacteria along our gut lining — they produce antibodies that help us fight disease,” she said.

Sweeping his hands over a number of products stacked on a table, Robertson added:

“Now ladies and gentlemen I have in front of me — I got one of our gentlemen to go out and buy some stuff. They are things that you can get and you can have a healthy gut. If your gut is healthy you don’t have to worry about corona.”

Then he touted a stevia-based product “rather than those other things, and you’re not drinking diet drinks and you’re not drinking Cokes and you’re not drinking 32-ounce Cokes and you’re not having trans fats, and all that stuff, and you’re not horribly sick from the coronavirus — that’s what’s so important.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:


Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton has traveled extensively throughout the Southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. A lifelong atheist, these travels have informed her political views. She currently lives in a remote location with a large herd of cats and four dogs.