Pat Robertson: Man cured of homosexuality was just ‘looking for real love’

Multi-millionaire televangelist Pat Robertson, host of the 700 Club has released another attack in his ongoing crusade against homosexuality.

The 86-year-old media mogul used his television show as a platform to attack same-sex relationships as degrading and unacceptable, telling a disjointed story about a gay man, Robert Harless, who converted to heterosexuality through the ministrations of his Christian congregation.

“We have all these myths about homosexuality and he was just being used by people, they just wanted to take advantage and he didn’t know any better,” Robertson said. “He thought that what they were showing him was love when actually it was one form of lust.”

Peppered with armchair psychology and goofy evangelist folk wisdom, Robertson’s “story” ignores a growing body of proof that homosexuality is not a disease or disorder, but a normal part of human sexuality.

The octogenarian stared into the camera as he related the tale of Robert who chose the “homosexual lifestyle because he craved attention from men,” He went on to connect homosexuality with drug use, saying that “with the sexual activity came drugs and soon Robert was facing full blown AIDS.”

The 700 Club also posted an article/confession online where Robert Harless narrates a catalog of debauched activities including prostitution and attributing his behavior to a “gay lifestyle.” Harless claims to be “cured” of his homosexual cravings.

As if insulting Gay and LGBT people as drug users wasn’t enough, Robertson went on to imply homosexuals have no reason to live at all.

“Every day, [Harless] prayed to die, until a Christian family befriended him and gave him a reason to live… When he came free, he wasn’t ‘homosexual,’ he was a person looking for love, he wanted the real thing and he got it, God gave him real love.”

Robertson’s strange pseudoscientific rant, attributed Robert’s homosexuality to “an abusive stepfather,” and “looking for acceptance.”  The 700 Club article states “ Robert Harless grew up the target of his stepfather’s abuse, while his mother idly stood by.”

Recetly, Robertson publicly declared his support of Donald Trump, who apparently meets his high standards of Christian behavior with multiple divorces and a record of attempting to evict destitute people onto the street.

What was the name of that sin Lucifer committed? Oh yeah, Pride.

[Right Wing Watch] Image via screen grab



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    February 28, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Sadly, Robertson is a senile, demented old may spreading nonsense. There are many professional studies by psychologists that prove otherwise. In addition, most if not all so-called “Christian counseling centers” have given up and admitted that they can’t turn a homosexual person into heterosexual. One unvetted claim or story does not constitute statistically significant sampling.

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    Mini Diaz

    February 28, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    I suppose the possibility this man is bisexual, or sexually fluid, isn’t a consideration for the very simple minded

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