Pat Robertson: Rock music ‘summons demons’ that could lead you to ‘killing your parents’

Televangelist Pat Robertson reminded his audience not to listen to rock music because, not only it is a sin, it can be used to “summon demons”.

A teenage viewer wrote in asking Robertson if listening to rock music was a sin during last week’s edition of to “The 700 Club”.

“Hi. I’m 14 and I grew up listening to rock music,” Shannon wrote. “Recently I have been obsessed with a rock band. Some of their songs have some strange lyrics. Now my dad is telling me that I should second guess listening to their music! I love Christian music too, but I find myself not letting go of my rock music because that’s what I was born listening to. So can I listen to BOTH rock and Christian music? Please help!”

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Robertson said that people should not try to completely avoid mainstream music, but they should be wary of listening to songs that may contain violent or Satanic lyrics whose beats could summon demonic beings.

“It depends on what rock you’re listening to. Some of the stuff is just evil. They used to talk about killing your parents and there were just some other things. There were odes to Satan. You don’t want that stuff coming into your mind.”

“There’s some beat that’s out there that, you know, probably isn’t all that bad, although in one Indian context, they were playing rock music and the person said, ‘Why are you calling on the demons?,’ because that was the kind of music they used to summon demons.”

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