Pat Robertson: Security Cameras Signal ‘Mark of the Beast’ and Approaching End Times (VIDEO)

In a recent airing of TBN’s the 700 Club, Pat Robertson lamented plans to expand the use of surveillance cameras, by arguing that they’re precursors for the coming End Times.

Robertson warned that society is approaching a period when “there is no freedom” where “Big Brother” monitors everything. “We are coming to that now, it’s not a pleasant situation,” Robertson said.

“But this is what the Bible talks about when you can’t buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, you have to be part of that world system and a very, very few can escape because right now they can go down into the bush in the darkest Africa and hunt you down,” Robertson went on to say.

“I think the American people are more afraid of the overreach of big government than they are of some occasional bomber — even if the bomber kills a few people,” Robertson said, seemingly downplaying the crucial role security cameras played in tracking the Boston Marathon bombers.

Watch Robertson in the video below, via Right Wing Watch.

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