Pat Robertson warns man concerned about wife’s new lesbian friend: ‘She’s being captured’

On yesterday’s edition of the 700 Club, host Pat Robertson continued his series of giving questionable advice to his listeners, this time to a “Christian man” named Matthew who was feeling a little insecure about his wife’s new friend.

“I’m a Christian man, married to my wife of 8 years in April,” Matthew wrote. “I thought our marriage was alright, until I found out that she has been talking online with a gay woman that she likes.”

According to Matthew, the friendship is threatening to take his wife away and erode her “faith in Jesus.”

“She spends more time online with this woman than going to church,” Matthew continued. “What can I do to help my wife back to the ordinary life we used to live?”

The casual observer would probably conclude that Matthew is likely the problem in this relationship, but of course, Robertson didn’t see it that way.

According to the 88-year-old televangelist, Matthew’s predicament is a “serious thing,” but he needs to tread carefully so his wife doesn’t “rebel.”

“She’s being captured,” Robertson warned. “That’s what it is, it’s a capture and you need to deliver her from that.”

Without knowing anything about the nature of the relationship or the woman’s intentions, Robertson suggested that Matthew employ someone else from his church to do an intervention.

“Perhaps you can find a woman in the church who’s a Christian, who is solid, who would talk to your wife about this, because this is an infatuation. And when it’s all over, she’s got to come back to you because she’ll be left with nothing, and I think she needs to face where she’s going … If she continues in this so-called relationship, she will throw away everything she’s got, and when it’s all over with, she won’t have anything.”

Clearly, being dragged back into an “ordinary life” with Matthew is what she needs.

Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at about 46:19:

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