Pat Robertson: Your neighbor’s Buddha statue ‘will bring curses upon you’

This Tuesday on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson tackled the ever-encroaching threat of garden decorations. Bottom line: if your decorative tastes include things commonly found in the gift shop of your local vegan cafe, you could be inviting some dark forces.

During the later part of his show, Robertson takes questions from listeners and his advice is always something to behold. Tuesday’s questioner was a woman named Becky, whose neighbor’s yard was making her nervous.

“My neighbor is a Christian but has a big statue of Buddha in her front garden,” Becky said. “She said it’s just a decorative piece. Isn’t it a false idol?”

Becky went on to say that the mere presence of the statue may be “opening the door” to the Devil and allowing her neighbor to “get out from under the Lord’s covering.”

“Am I wrong?” Becky asked.

Robertson started out making sense, telling the woman that she shouldn’t give her neighbor suggestions about what she should and shouldn’t have in her yard.

“But nevertheless, a statue of a false god in your garden — I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Robertson said. “Yes, it’ll bring curses upon you, alright?”

Considering that Robertson told Becky to keep her concerns to herself, that doesn’t solve the problem of the potential curses. Looks like Becky’s only option is to move.


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