Paula White holds another prayer service to save Trump: ‘We call upon the heavens for angelic reinforcements’

In the wake of her viral prayer service where she called on “angels from Africa” to come to President Trump’s rescue and keep him in the White House, Trump spiritual adviser Paula White held another prayer service on Thursday night, this time alongside her son Brad Knight, Right Wing Watch reports.

White declared that “God has already settled his mind” on the election.

“So right now, every agenda that is being pushed, that can affect the release of a premature, satanic alignment that you do not desire, we break it right now. We override it right now. We override it, we overturn it, we overturn it right now, and it will be no more, it will be no more because it is our right by the blood of Jesus, and you will give it to us,” she prayed.

White is apparently still waiting for the angels to arrive.

“We call right now upon the heavens, we call upon angelic reinforcements, we command angels to be released at the command of your word right now. And we push back every agenda that would release a premature satanic agenda, in the name of Jesus. Anything that would be of an Antichrist spirit, we break it right now in the name of Jesus, every Antichrist spirit, we break it right now…”

Moments later, Knight took the stage and called on God to bring his “wrath” and “fury” on anyone who reject Trump.

“Speak to them in your wrath, God, and terrify them in your fury. God, those who reject you, God, those with even the extension of mercy, God, refuse to submit their flesh because they love whatever they love too much, God, now’s the moment for your wrath.”

According to Knight, Trump is God’s “chosen king” sitting on a “holy hill.”

“God, every king that you have assigned, God, appoint them now,” he prayed. “And every accusation that has been risen against that purpose, God, we silence it by the blood of the Lamb, the intercessions of Christ. We thank you that his righteousness speaks for us, and it silences every decree against us.”

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Sky Palma

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