Petition seeking to ban Donald Trump Jr from entering Australia gets thousands of signatures

An activist group has launched a petition seeking to ban Donald Trump Jr. from entering Australian to attend a conservative event next month, The Independent reported.

A petition seeking to block the former president’s eldest son from attending the “Turning Point Australia” event had at least 15,000 signatories as of Monday.

“Donald Trump Junior is a far-right agitator who spreads bigotry wherever he goes,” Omar Hassan of the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism said in a statement.

“His visit is likely to be a magnet for far-right and neo-Nazi groups across Melbourne, so we will be there in numbers to send the message that people here reject and despise everything they stand for,” Hassan said. “Trump Jr is a prominent far-right spokesperson, famous for his aggressive racist and transphobic campaigning.”

“He was an instrumental part of his father’s 2016 presidential run, and has since been part of attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, including the violence on January 6. We’re protesting him to stand against white supremacy, transphobia, and misogyny.”

Activist say they plan to hold a rally against Trump Jr. in the event that he does come to Australia.

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