Philly gay basher Kathryn Knott pleads for early release, judge says hell no

Kathryn Knott, who was convicted for the September, 2014 attack on a gay couple in Downtown Philadelphia, was denied her request for an early release without explanation or comment from Common Pleas Court Judge Roxanne Covington. Knott had just entered into the 4th month of her 10 month sentence.

“She’s had no write-ups, which you can get if you’re in a fight, or insolent or insubordinate or don’t follow directions,” Knott’s attorney William Brennan told Philadelphia Gay News. “She’s been performing her duties — cleaning toilets — and has been a model inmate. Inmates are given this reward, if you will, where the minimum sentence is slightly reduced and they have the opportunity to be released slightly early with ‘earned time, good time.'”

According to the New Civil Rights Movement, Knott will try again next month for an early release.

“It’s really the norm for someone who has behaved themselves to be released at the minimum. That’s the way the system is designed to work,” Brennan told PGN. “I’m cautiously optimistic that she will not be singled out for any reason because it really is the norm that, if you’ve behaved yourself, you are eligible for release at the minimum.”

From Philly Voice:

The couple claims [Knott’s friend, Kevin Harrigan] shouted a homophobic slur toward [Zachary Hesse] before pushing him and striking him in the face. Other members of Harrigan’s group then held Hesse as he was struck repeatedly, including by Knott, the lawsuit alleges.

[Knott’s other friend, Phillip Williams] later punched a defenseless [Andrew Haught] multiple times in the face, knocking him unconscious, the lawsuit states. The group fled while Haught lay bleeding and motionless on the ground.

When Knott is finally released from jail, she still has to face a $500,000 civil lawsuit filed by the couple she attacked.

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