Photographer has identity stolen, gets her revenge with an undercover photo project

Back in 2011, San Francisco-based photographer Jessamyn Lovell had her wallet stolen. Not too long afterwards, unauthorized charges started showing up on her accounts.

Instead of just replacing her stolen cards and moving on, Lovell decided to track the thief and turn the process into a photography project.

From PetaPixel:

With the help of Pete Siragusa, a private investigator, Lovell was able to track down her wallet thief, a woman by the name of Erin Coleen Hart. Lovell initially intended on confronting Hart upon finding her identity, but at a strong suggestion from Siragusa, she decided not to.

Instead, Lovell decided to play a game of cat and mouse, following her throughout the city streets and snapping photos when the opportunity arose.

The resulting images were turned into a photo exhibit called Dear Erin Hart and were displayed at SF Camerawork – the same gallery where Lovell’s wallet was stolen.

And just to make things interesting, she mailed Hart an invitation to come see the exhibit.


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