Planned Parenthood CEO shuts down Andrea Mitchell for obsessing over Hillary’s marriage

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards got a little frustrated with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell this Monday, when she was put into the position of defending Hillary Clinton’s relationship with her husband.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s new line of attack on Clinton suggesting that she was an “enabler” of Bill’s past infidelities, Mitchell asked Richards to comment on the “most controversial moments” of Hillary’s time as First Lady.

“It’s very distressing to see that one that’s running for president of the United States would be so completely disrespectful and dismissive of women,” Richards said. “And particularly a woman that’s been secretary of state, she’s been a United States senator. She’s a woman who’s had incredible experience and committed her entire life to public service, and he shows her absolutely no respect.”

“I don’t think it’s that surprising, but I think for him, I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to win an election when a majority of the voters in this country are going to be women next November,” Richards added.

“Isn’t it possible that some women — perhaps younger women, perhaps others — might not respect Hillary Clinton for the way she stood by Bill Clinton?” Mitchell asked. “And according to Donald Trump’s analysis, you know, enabled [Bill Clinton] — whatever that means.”

“Absolutely not,” Richards replied. “This is not an issue on anyone’s mind. What women are thinking about is issues that our patients at Planned Parenthood think about. They’re not getting equal pay in this country, there is no access to affordable childcare, they need access to health care. There are now 24 states that are trying to end their access to basic birth control and cancer screenings.”

“These are the issues that are on the mind of American women,” she continued. “And Donald Trump, instead of actually addressing those, he’s going after this personal attack on Hillary Clinton. It’s absolutely not going work. And it’s not what the American voters want to hear about.”

“How does she avoid responding to this?” Mitchell asked, directing the conversation back to Hillary’s personal life.

“I have full confidence she’ll know how to deal with Donald Trump on the debate stage,” Richards shot back. “He actually doesn’t have a plan for America. The only thing he knows how to do — and it was evident in the Republican primary is just simply cut down his opponents… And the American voters in November are going to look for who do they want to lead this country.”

“How will Bill Clinton handle these kinds of attacks?” Mitchell asked.

“President Clinton isn’t on the ballot,” Richards reminded Mitchell.

Watch the exchange below, via MSNBC:

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