Planned Parenthood video hoaxsters turn themselves in to Texas authorities

David Daleiden, 27, the man who targeted Planned Parenthood by posing as a biotechnology representative while attempting to purchase fetal tissue, turned himself in to Texas authorities on Thursday morning.

A grand jury in Houston indicted Daleiden for tampering with a governmental records, a felony and the lesser charge of violating the prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs. His co-conspirator, Sandra Merrit, who created a shell company in order to buy aborted fetal tissue was also charged with the same felony. She turned herself in the day before.

Daleiden walked into a Houston courtroom, accompanied by his Thomas More Society Special Counsels, to post a $3,000 bond and leave again. A group of pro-lifers holding signs cheered him on as he walked into the courthouse.

If convicted of a felony, Daleiden who founded the anti-choice Center for Medical Progress, could receive up to 20 years in prison.

Daleiden and Merrit’s attorneys say their clients will plead not guilty.

Featured image via screen grab

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