Police are looking for this woman who duct-taped her dog’s mouth shut

There’s a special place in hell for people who abuse their dogs, but not all animal abusers see themselves as such.

This is certainly true of Katie Brown of South Daytona, Florida, who posted a picture to Facebook of her dog’s mouth taped shut because the dog wouldn’t stop barking. (Of course it’s Florida. It’s always Florida. Why does Florida have to make it so easy?) “This is what happens when you dont [sic] shut up!” she wrote. Huh.

The internet’s response has been swift. The day after she posted the photo, the South Daytona Police Department has received calls from all over the country and all over the globe to report the abuse — of which there is photographic evidence. This woman is exactly as intelligent as her grammar and spelling would indicate.

According to the Daily Mail, the police department so far has been unable to locate the woman at the addresses listed for her. It’s possible she’s with her son, or even up in Connecticut.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

In her spare time, Brown enjoys posting on Facebook about how hard her life is, how much she hates assholes, how great alcohol is, and how important her dogs are to her. It’s possible she’s an animal lover who went too far with the tough love because she was so annoyed at her dog’s barking (which is sort of what dogs do, but whatever). A muzzle for a dog is one thing, but duct tape can really damage a dog physically and emotionally.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.04.38 PM
Via Facebook

As one of the commenters pointed out, there are plenty of people out there who could give the dog a loving home if she’s not able to. As of this time, Brown still hasn’t taken the photo down from Facebook.

Featured image: Katie Brown (Facebook)

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