Police charge two sisters for shooting homeless people with a BB gun

Brittany and Kelsey Hopper/Cincinnati Police Department

Authorities in Cincinnati, Ohio, have charged two sisters for shooting homeless people with an air rifle from inside a car, WBNS reports.

Brittany Hopper, 29, and Kelsey Hopper, 28, have been charged with three counts of assault for firing the air rifle at two people on the morning of June 3. The pair have not yet been arrested, but they can been seen on security footage committing the act. Police are asking the sisters to turn themselves in.

The victims suffered minor injuries from the pellets.

The sisters’ car has been impounded, but not before someone tried to spray-paint the car in an apparent attempt to avoid it being identified. In security footage, a rifle can clearly be seen being pointed outside the car’s window.

According to WCPO, an unidentified male was also in the car during the time of the incident.

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