Poll: Trump leads with people who say it’s very important that a candidate is ‘honest and trustworthy’

According to a new CBS News poll, Donald Trump would easily win the Republican Party’s nomination for 2024.

Trump holds his largest lead over his rivals to date despite his many legal troubles. According to CBS News’ polling, it’s those legal troubles that are strengthening his support.

Trump voters’ affinity for him seems to insulate the former president from attacks whether or not he debates this week, because voters basically say they aren’t receptive to such criticism.

Instead, a whopping nine in 10 GOP primary voters want the other candidates to focus on making the case for themselves, but not against Trump.

(In interviews conducted before there were reports that Trump has decided to skip the debate, his voters were likelier than others to both say he should participate in the event and that they intend to watch.)

In another portion of the poll, CBS News points out that Trump “leads among those say it’s very important a nominee is honest & trustworthy.”

Read the full report over at CBS News.

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