Portland stabbing victim slams his city’s ‘white savior complex’

According to Micah Fletcher, who was stabbed in the neck while defending two women from a hate-speech tirade on a Portland MAX train, the city should focus on the women he was defending, not him.

In an emotional video posted to his Facebook page, Fletcher called for the focus to be put back on the two women who were initial targets of killer Jeremy Christian’s anti-Muslim rants on the train that day.

“These people need to be reminded that this is about them, that they are the real victims here,” Fletcher said.

Jeremy Joseph Christian is accused of stabbing to death Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23 after they confronted him for harassing two young black women, one of whom wore a Muslim head covering, or a hijab.

Fletcher, 21, also stood up to Christian and was stabbed in the neck.

“Suffice it to say, that I think it’s immensely, immensely and morally wrong how much money we have gotten as opposed to the money, love, kindness that has been given to that little girl,” he said, referring to the money raised for him and the slain victims’ families.

“The little girl who had the misfortune to experience what happened on that [train], her life is never going to be the same,” he said in the video. “Imagine that for a second — being the little girl… this man is screaming at you, his face is a pile of knives, his body is a gun. Everything about him is cocked, loaded and ready to kill you.”

“This is about those little girls,” he said. “We in Portland have this weird tendency to continue patterns that we’ve done forever, and one of them is just this same old… white savior complex.”

Watch Fletcher’s video below:

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