Preacher’s wife ‘translates’ as he speaks in tongues, ends up speaking gibberish also

Pastor Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries has come a long way since he humped the American flag this past July during a live broadcast of his TV program. Now, he’s making regular appearances on The Jim Bakker Show, and he recently got to demonstrate his skill of “speaking in tongues,” or lack thereof.

Kunneman gave host Jim Bakker’s audience a special treat. Not only did they have to sit and listen to him speak his made-up-on-the-fly gibberish, he had his wife Brenda on hand to translate. But as it turns out, Brenda was just making it up on the fly as well, albeit poorly.

First came the words of the Holy Spirit:

“Batima elexcito porevashishne. Look, paracite, romondo saprika ellecito alamondose arrikelegenye. Watche, mose, bruschno, krande, biya! Se lushne romolo angreya eniste.”


“And so now even the spirit says I am looking for a company and I am looking for a people. I’m looking for my remanent and I am hearing the words even now that would come from their mouth, for will you be one one of me, says the Lord who will speak and declare my works and my plan despite that what you hear that is contrary, for there shall be much that is spoken that is contrary — it’ll try to come out of the heavens, it’ll try to infiltrate the hearts of my church, but the Spirit says, ‘I’m lookin’ for a people! I’m lookin’ for a people who’ll declare what I have spoken and my purposes and my plans for this nation and even for the Gospel to move around the earth. So declare in this season says the Lord for the Spirit’s ears are listening and hearing that which would come from your mouth, for it is cutting through the dark cloud and bringing light to this nation, says the Spirit. Hallelujah.”

The Holy Spirit sounds drunk AF.

Watch the video below, via Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist:

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