Pro athletes take to social media and slam Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ excuse

Explaining his comments in the recently leaked Access Hollywood video where he can be heard describing his penchant for sexual assault, Donald Trump says that it’s just an example of the kind of “locker room” talk that most men participate in.

Speaking out on Twitter, some high profile athletes beg to differ.

As professionals who retreat to the locker room on a daily basis, several current and former stars from the sports world agreed that the locker room Trump is referring to is one they’ve never seen before.

Speaking to TMZ in Los Angeles on Sunday night, L.A. Clippers coach Doc Rivers said that Trump’s version of locker room talk doesn’t reflect any locker rooms he’s been in.

“That’s a new locker room for me,” Rivers said.

 [Tweets compiled by The Huffington Post]

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