GOP Rep objects to paying for maternity coverage because he as an ‘X chromosome’

In a radio interview this Friday. Rep. Pete Olsen (R-TX) mocked the Obamacare requirement that healthcare plans cover prenatal and maternity care, asking why men should pay for coverage that they “can’t use.”

Speaking to radio host Sam Malone, while a supporter of the Senate GOP’s latest healthcare bill, Olsen conceded that it’s “dead on arrival,” adding that the bill still “has some problems.”

“I have some concerns because, one thing, they still guarantee coverage for ten essential conditions,” Olson said. “And one of those conditions — this is care for all, includes you and me — it’s prenatal care.”

“I think we all have what we call an X chromosome,” he continued. “You, me, JP, Tom and Chuck have those, which means we can’t have a baby. Why do we have to pay for that coverage that we can’t use?”

Considering that Olsen is almost militant in his “pro-life” stance, it’s interesting why he’d object to a mother’s maternity care being covered by a healthcare plan. In 2008, declared that “life begins at conception and every life has a soul.”

“Abortion as a means of birth control horrifies every fiber of my being,” Olsen once said. “Our country should work to protect innocent life and I will vote that way in Congress. In the case of a mother’s life being in danger I would understand abortion being necessary.”

That being said, someone should tell Olsen that both females and males have an X chromosome.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image: Texas Tribune

Sky Palma

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