Pro-Trump activist accuses Casey DeSantis of faking her cancer: ‘I’ve never seen the medical records’

In a post to Twitter this Saturday, far-right activist and die-hard Trump supporter Laura Loomer took aim at the wife of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a rather vile way.

First Lady Casey DeSantis reached a major milestone in her battle with breast cancer in January of last year and completed her final chemotherapy treatment, of which she “responded very well.” But Loomer, a known conspiracy theorist, is trying to cast doubt on her story by claiming, without evidence, that her health struggles have been “exaggerated.”

“DeSantis supporters say you aren’t allowed to criticize Jill DeSantis because she claims she had cancer (I’ve never seen the medical records), but they have no problem attacking Melania Trump,” Loomer wrote. “Personally, I think Jill’s health has been over exaggerated in a desperate effort to get votes for DeSantis. They even used it in a 2022 campaign commercial which is very tacky.”

Loomer, a former congressional candidate who rose to prominence in alt-right circles as a vocal anti-Muslim activist, is also a prolific spreader of conspiracy theories, once claiming that ISIS was behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“They are welcome to release the medical records though to show that they aren’t exaggerating,” she continued in her tweet. “Especially since they want to use her as a campaign surrogate and cancer as a way to appeal to voters. You can’t say ‘my wife is a part of my campaign’ then also say ‘you aren’t allowed to criticize her because she had cancer.'”

“She’s fair game,” Loomer concluded.

Unsurprisingly, the comment thread beneath Loomer’s tweet was full of people disgusted with her for taking thing to such a low level.

“Why do you suck so bad, Laura?” one Twitter user replied.

“This is gross, even for you,” replied another.

“Your bitterness is just vile, Laura. And I voted for Trump — twice,” a person wrote.

Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2021.

Sky Palma

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