Bad Coronavirus Takes

Pro-Trump activist: Being asymptomatic with coronavirus means ‘you don’t have it’

During a segment on her show this week, right-wing conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine tried to redefine what it means to be an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus. According to her, being asymptomatic is code for “you don’t have it.”

“By the way, asymptomatic carrier is really just code name for ‘You don’t have it,'” she said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “You don’t freakin’ have it, okay? It’s not showing up in your system. It doesn’t show up in a test. You don’t have the coronavirus.”

“But asymptomatic carrier is a way for them to say they want to just test everybody and then track and surveil everyone,” she continued. “They just said it — you don’t need it to be any more blatantly obvious.”

According to Lorraine, “this is not, like, a conspiracy theory.

“This is not even speculation anymore,” she said. “They’re plainly saying what they’re gonna do is contact and trace everybody and this is a huge violation of our privacy. This is unconstitutional. And guess what? Just as I thought: The bill is called HR 6666, which, again, symbolism is everything to these creepy, sick people.”

She fails to mention that the “symbolism” she’s referring to has one less 6 than the bill.


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