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Pro-Trump commentator: Any Republican who loses an election must say it was because of ‘voter fraud’

During a recent rant on his show, Josh Bernstein declared that “from now on, to the end of time, any person who is running as a Republican in any race in any state anywhere, for any position, must understand that if it’s a close race, and you end up ‘losing,’ it was because of voter fraud.”

“One-hundred percent — this is how they operate,” Bernstein continued. “They operate based in margins. If it’s close, three percent, five percent, seven percent — well, either of course they stop the counting like they did in 2020, or they do something else and they wait, they suspend the vote, whatever they have to do.”

Thanks to this process, Bernstein alleges, “the Democrat always wins.”

“It’s been going on for probably a hundred years,” he said. “It’s just come to the limelight in 2020.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:


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