Pro-Trump commentator: ‘Democrats have become the party of Satan’

Bill Mitchell is one of those ardent Trump supporters who makes one wonder if he’s just running some sort of elaborate satire/parody scheme. But he’s the real deal — as far as I can tell.

At some point, the die-hard Trump cultist makes the transition to framing politics as a matter of good vs evil, i.e., Trump was ‘chosen by God,’ while liberalism is godless. Mitchell is making this transition smoothly, and has now declared Democrats to be the party of Satan.

During last night’s episode of his show YourVoice America, Mitchell asked his audience to pray for President Trump and his Attorney General William Barr so that God will give them “the wisdom of Solomon” in their fight against “evil.”

“This feels like the Last Days sometimes,” Mitchell said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “Some of these things the Democrats are doing, they really have become the party of Satan.”

According to Mitchell, his “Satan” analogy never met any resistance from liberals when he posted it repeatedly to Twitter, so he must be on to something.

“It’s like, in their contract, they’re not allowed to deny it,” he said. “I don’t know. It’s weird.”

“These are the people that are in favor of drugs coming across the border, they’re in favor of sex trafficking, they’re in favor of late-term abortion.”

“This cannot be the party of God,” he said. “This has to be the party of Satan.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

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