Pro-Trump evangelist: George Soros is paying Black men ‘$50 an hour to go protest and riot’

Speaking on a recent Truth and Liberty Coalition livestream, Christian evangelist and faith healer Andrew Wommack posited his latest variation of George Soros conspiracy theories, saying that the billionaire liberal philanthropist is behind the unrest that emerged from recent racial justice protests in America.

“I actually have a friend in Charlotte, North Carolina, that one of his members of his church works at the airlines and there was, I think it was 30 Black guys that all came from Maryland and got off in Charlotte — he said, ‘What are you all doing here in Charlotte?’ And they said, ‘You want to make some money? George Soros will pay you $50 an hour if you will go protest and riot and he will also cover all of your court costs and any legal fees.'”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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