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Pro-Trump evangelist: God will judge you if you believe the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Biden won

According to pro-Trump evangelist Mario Murillo, the real “conspiracy theory” is the notion that Joe Biden is going to president.

“I’m gonna say this — that Joe Biden is president is the conspiracy theory,” Murillo said on Kenneth Copeland’s The Victory Channel network last Tuesday.

“The conspiracy theory, the tinfoil cone hat theory is that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States,” Murillo said. “Now, here’s what you are doing. The Bible says not to fear their conspiracy theories but to fear the Lord and then he will be a sanctuary. … If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and give into fear, God is going to judge you. God is going to correct you for that.”

“If you’re giving in and you’re one of those that voted for Biden, if you’re one of those that is kind of using cheap grace as an excuse to accept this cultural change and say, ‘Well, let’s be loving,’ God is going to judge you,” he continued. “Right now, this is a test. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a test. It’s a test of whether you are going to stand on the word or go by what you see.”

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