Pro-Trump evangelist: LeBron James is an ‘Illuminati wizard’ who tosses chalk to ‘summon demons’

In a rant posted to her YouTube channel last weekend, conspiracy theorist and Trump-loving apocalyptic author, Shiela Zelinsky, said that NBA star LeBron James’ pre-game chalk toss ritual is more sinister than it seems.

“The sports world calls it a chalk toss, but it’s simply disguise for what he’s really doing,” Zilinsky said in a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “A high level conjuring, a spell, an incantation from this Illuminati wizard, where he’s summoning demons. I believe he’s conjuring up demons before every game. Plain and simple. Really take a look at these so-called chalk tosses, it is very frightening this ritual that he does.”

The L.A. Lakers star has become the target of ire from Trumplandia thanks to his long record of supporting progressive causes.

Listen to the full segment below:

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Sky Palma

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