Pro-Trump former sheriff David Clarke: The ‘only problem’ I have with Jan 6 is it wasn’t well-organized

Speaking at the Country Patriot Double Down event in Las Vegas this weekend, former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. complained that the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 wasn’t “serious.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, that was not an insurrection. If we decide to pull an insurrection, you’re gonna know it. There’s very little you’re going to be able to do about it,” Clarke told the audience, RawStory reported.

According to Clarke, Jan. 6 was just a “frat party.”

“The only thing I had against what happened at the Capitol on January 6, if you’re going to pull a political movement, you’ve got to have three elements: It has to be serious, it’s got to be well-planned and it’s got to be disciplined,” he said.

“What happened on January 6 was not serious.” Clarke said, pointing to a screen that showed images from the riot. Clarke then criticized a rioter pictured with his feet on a desk inside the Capitol. “It’s not serious, it’s just not,” he said.

Clarke then pointed to an image of a rioter carrying a Confederate flag and asked, “Why?

“I don’t make a big deal over a Confederate flag. That’s not me,” Clarke said. “But we don’t need that. It delegitimizes what we’re trying to do. Carry the United States flag through there. Carry the Gadsden flag if you want to. But we don’t need this. It’s not serious and it’s not disciplined.”

Sky Palma

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