Pro-Trump journalist: My recent surfing injury was caused by Hillary Clinton’s ‘witchcraft’

Liz Crokin believes Satanic pedophiles want to kill us with vaccines and chemtrails. She’s theorized that JFK Jr. faked his death and is now the person behind the QAnon conspiracy theory. She says the mudslides that destroyed Oprah Winfrey’s home were God’s punishment for opposing Trump. She also says there’s a Hillary Clinton sex tape out there that proves Pizza Gate is real. Now she wants her fans to know that she’s the victim of Hillary Clinton’s “witchcraft.”

In a video posted to her YouTube account this Tuesday, Crokin revealed that she lost the tips of two of her fingers in a recent surfing accident. Just a freak accident? No. It’s most like due to people she criticizes utilizing “witchcraft” and “spirit cooking” against her.

“These people that I expose engage in witchcraft,” Crokin declared on a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“You know, the people like Marina Abramović, the people like Hillary Clinton, [the people] from the deep state articles that are getting ready to write a hit piece on me right now,” she continued. “Look it up. Do research on Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and their trip to Haiti and how—I think it was on their honeymoon—they admitted to doing voodoo there together. Research Marina Abramović; she talks about the rituals she does, she’s an occultist.”

“All these people dabble in witchcraft and spirit cooking,” she added, referring to an anti-Hillary conspiracy theory that circulated during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“So, do these people do witchcraft against me? Of course they do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were casting spells on me the night before.”

“These people do engage in witchcraft, they do cast spells on people,” Crokin insisted. “So I’m sure there was some spiritual stuff going on.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

Sky Palma

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