Pro-Trump pastor: God anointed Trump to be a ‘wrecking ball’ — to oppose him is to oppose God

Speaking on a livestream this Saturday, author and “prophet” Lance Wallnau predicted that God heal President Trump from coronavirus and would send an “Angel of the Lord” to temporarily take Trump’s place as he battles the virus.

“The Angel of the Lord is going to go forth for America. Why? Because the president can’t fight now. You get what I’m saying? He can’t do it. So, the Lord is sending his angel,” Wallnau said. “In a way, it’s the worst thing the devil could have done​ because if it was just Trump, then it’s just Trump. But now there’s an angel going forth. And who knows what kind of mischief that’s going to wreck on the enemy’s camp.”

According to Wallnau, the hate for Trump is being inspired by demons who’ve possessed journalist.

“I think Americans on the left are striving, they’re fighting with their maker. Fighting with Trump is fighting with God. This will really get them all torqued. They’re fighting God because they’re fighting Trump. Not because Trump is Mr. Perfect, it’s because the Lord anointed him to be a wrecking ball,” he said. “And he’s doing what he’s supposed to do—to pull down, to tear down​ so that he can build and plant. ​And all of the animosity, hatred, venom, and vitriol that is stirred up is nothing more than the unsanctified flesh in the resident hidden demons that are inside of journalists, looking for a way to express themselves.​”

[Right Wing Watch]

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