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Pro-Trump pastor: It is ‘scientifically impossible’ for atheists to exist

Do you define yourself as an atheist? If so, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church thinks you’re sorely mistaken.

In a sermon this Monday, Morris declared that it’s “scientifically impossible” to be an atheist, and he can prove it to you.

According to Morris, the word “atheist” literally means “no god,” but atheists rushed to change the definition when they realized they couldn’t live up to it.

“The word literally means “no God.” No God. That’s what it means,” he said. “So you can’t go changing the definition now, or you could create a new word. If you want to come up with a new word to say ‘I don’t believe there’s a God,’ then come up with a new word. But if you want to use the word ‘atheist,’ scientifically, there’s no atheists because you can’t definitively say there is no God, and I’ll prove it to you.”

But as the Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta points out, Morris is grossly mistaken in regards to what he thinks atheists believe.

“Notice that Morris never quotes any prominent atheist who agrees with that definition. He’s not playing video clips. That’s because he’s a liar,” Mehta writes. “Atheists, more than religious people, I would argue, are perfectly willing to admit there’s plenty we don’t know. As opposed to Christians like Morris who opened up one book and claim to have all the answers. If someone wants to pretend God exists, then the burden of proof is on him.”

Watch the video below:

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