Come Again?

Pro-Trump pastor: Refusing me service for not wearing a mask is like racial segregation

Conspiracy theorist, racist, homophobe — those are a few ways to describe David Daubenmire. Now we can add ‘insufferable Karen’ to the list.

On his Pass The Salt Live webcast this Wednesday, Daubenmire recounted some recent confrontations with employees at various businesses who refused him service because he will not wear a mask. One confrontation, according to him, took place in a T-Mobile store.

After a self-righteous rant, Daubenmire compared refusing to serve customers who don’t wear masks to racial segregation laws from the past.

“And then I really pulled the trump card,” Daubenmire said, recounting the incident. “I said, ‘I think I was born with this medical condition. I’m not sure. I think I was. And I want to ask you something ma’am: Would you refuse to serve somebody because they’re Black?’”

“I was born with this condition, ma’am, and you would not ask a Black man to step outside of the the building and you’re not going to ask me to do it,” he said. “She stormed away, as you can probably imagine. Ruined my whole day.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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