Pro-Trump pastor speaks in tongues and calls on God to protect Trump from ‘every witchcraft curse, vex, and spell’

At a gathering of thousands of evangelical Christians in Florida for the “Fire and Glory Tour,” pro-Trump pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Lance Wallnau led in the audience in prayer, calling on God to protect former president Donald Trump from the onslaught of investigations targeting him, as well as the occasional witch who might cast a spell on him.

Wallnau thanked God, who “raised up” Trump and asked the Almighty to lay his hand upon Trump’s head and “cover his ears so he will hear only what you are saying.”

“Your hand will be on his heart so he feels only what you want him to feel,” Wallnau prayed. “And I pray in the name of Jesus, that as his enemies have dug a pit for him that he would fall into it, that they would fall into it themselves.”

“We rebuke every witchcraft curse, vex, spell, that has been launched against him, his wife, his children, and his enterprise, and we ask you to fill him with the Holy Ghost,” Wallnau continued. “Let him be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Towards the end of his prayer, Wallnau told the audience to join in and started speaking in tongues — which is just improvised gibberish.

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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