Pro-Trump podcaster: White House to launch ‘pay-per-view’ channel that will air Bill & Hillary’s executions

During a recent segment on conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel‘s podcast, a guest shared his alleged inside information on the fates of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

One of Vandersteel’s guests was Gene Cosensei, an apparent QAnon adherent who gets thrown a bone now and then on various livestreams by more prominent fellow conspiracists. According to him, the Clintons have already been executed — executions that will be aired on a pay-per-view channel to be launched by the White House if President Trump wins reelection.

“We know, of course, Hillary was hung by the neck on the 28th of March,” Cosensei says in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “I know Bill Clinton got a firing squad … he wouldn’t even face the firing squad, he’s too much of a coward so he turned and faced the wall so they shot him on the back.”

Later in the segment, Cosensei said “there’s gonna be a White House channel that will be eight hours a day of tribunals” that will include a “pay-per-view” channel where you can see “death penalties being served” on people like Bill and Hillary.

Chelsea Clinton caught wind of the clip, and debunked the claims in her own special way.

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Sky Palma

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