Pro-Trump ‘prophet’ says he visited Heaven and saw a dinosaur

During a recent sermon, self-described Christian “prophet” and die-hard Trump supporter Robin Bullock told his followers about his many visits to Heaven and the things he’s seen there, including dinosaurs.

“I’ve seen things in visits to Heaven — people say, ‘You visited Heaven?’ Yes, yes, yes. Not as much as some, but I have,” Bullock said.

Bullock went on to describe one particular experience on a day he “stepped over into there” and looked out onto a “valley.”

“And then this mist rose up out of this valley, and then the next thing I saw really took me back,” he continued. “Because you know you saw it when you didn’t plan on it happening, you know you were there. … I’m just there, and suddenly this mist comes up and I’m watching it, and then this giant-looking head of this dinosaur stood up in this valley.”

Bullock went on to reassure his audience that the dinosaur apparently posed no threat.

“And it was not dangerous, and this was the valley, the Lord said, this is where they live here. I came out of the that room stunned. But it doesn’t make any difference with who believes what. I was the one that was there.”

Watch the video below:

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