Pro-Trump ‘prophet’ wants to break ‘demonic’ swing states so Republicans can win elections

At a gathering of thousands of evangelical Christians in Florida for the “Fire and Glory Tour,” pro-Trump pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Lance Wallnau proposed bringing the tour to the “demonic” swing states in America since they’re preventing Republicans from winning elections.

“There’s no Republican that can legally make it into the White House the way that the elections are set up right now,” Wallnau said. “[The swing states] have counties that are so tightly wrapped up by the Devil that it’s virtually impossible for you to see an election go through that gridwork and come out honest unless there’s a divine intervention.”

He then said that he proposed to the tour’s co-founder, far-right evangelist Mario Murillo, to see what he thought.

“I suggested to Mario, if we do a ‘Fire and Glory Tour,’ I would want to go to every one of those swing states and I would make it a goal to break down the stronghold over each of those counties,” he said. “It’s a demonic stronghold.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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