Pro-Trump radio host: Trump has ‘taken control of the skies’ and eliminated chemtrails

Rest easy, chemtrail wackjobs. Trump has you covered — at least that’s according to Operation Freedom’s Dr. Dave Janda, who hasn’t seen much chemtrail activity since July 4 — which leads him to only one conclusion.

During an appearance on the conspiracy-laden SGT Report, Janda was asked about some “wonderful things happening in the skies” as of late after the “president has taken control of the skies.” After host Sean Turnbull shared pictures he took of clear skies, Janda agreed that the “chemtrail issue is being shutdown.”

“The bottom line is that the skies where I live, I noticed, Sean, about a year ago that there was far less crosshatching occurring than had been occurring for many, many years before that,” Janda claimed.

“And then I noticed earlier this year that — and maybe it’s pure coincidence — but whenever the President would leave the country, the crosshatching would come back,” he continued. “Not at the level it had been, but when he was out of the country there would be more crosshatching occurring in the skies above.”

Then, according to Janda, just after the July 4 holiday, “all the chemtrails” magically disappeared.

Turnbull pointed out that late last month he took to Twitter and asked people to report what they see in the skies above their respective areas. Some of the replies showed people seeing clear skies as well, but unfortunately, one poor soul had some bad news:

“Back in full force here in Anaheim, CA on 7/28/19,” Twitter user @NixonTweets replied. “Would be nice if Trump informed families how to detox from these heavy metals, but disinfo is necessary, right? Might as well throw some 5G & 6G into the mix too. Why exactly are you praising Trump again?”

Apparently, no one took into consideration that weather varies from place to place, from day to day. Unfortunately, Janda and Turnbull’s optimism will likely be dashed when the weather gets humid again. 

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Sky Palma

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