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Pro-Trump Senate candidate who came in last place: Those who stole the election from me are ‘gonna have to deal with God’

Conspiracy theorist and former “Latinos for Trump” president Bianca Gracia claimed God called her to take her “rightful place” in the state capitol and “make the devil run.” But when election day rolled around on March 1, she came in last place. Now she’s claiming the election was stolen from her.

Speaking at the ReAwaken America tour event in San Diego, California,  earlier this month, she declared that people who stole the election from her are “gonna have to deal with God.”

“Now you’ve just gone and made me more dangerous,” she said. “[I] went into the lion’s den and those hyenas thought they were gonna eat me up, but guess what? They fed me and they fed me good. I now know your strategies. I know what you think. I know what you’re doing, and you’ve just made me more dangerous.”

“Let me tell you something,” she continued. “They’re gonna have to deal with God. They don’t need to worry about me. They need to be ready for God because God knows exactly what they did. See, you don’t steal from me, or you, or you; you steal from him, because when he chooses you and he tells you to go, you go and you don’t ask questions.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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