Pro-Trump televangelist: If Biden wins, people will start having sex with cattle

Pastor Frank Amedia, the pro-Trump evangelist behind the POTUS Shield “prayer warrior” effort to create a spiritual shield around President Trump, published a video to his Touch Heaven Ministries channel last week where he warned that if Christians don’t turn out in droves to vote for President Trump, America will become a place where “animalism” is accepted.

“This is about morality,” he said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “This is about same-sex marriage not being approved and blessed in this country. This is not about us changing genders into five and six different meanings now. … How far do they want us to go?”

“Wait until animalism becomes acceptable and somebody can marry a cow and have perverse sex with them,” he continued. “You think I’m laughing. That’s what’s going to come.”

Watch the video below:

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Sky Palma

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