Pro-Trump TV host: Pregnancies conceived by rape are a ‘blessing from God’

During a segment on his Live From America show on the Real America’s Voice network, pro-Trump commentator Jeremy Herrell regurgitated one of the pro-life movement’s oldest and most consistent messages — that children conceived through rape are actually a blessing from God.

According to Herrell, a pregnancy resulting from rape is a built-in mechanism for women to deal with the trauma of rape.

“The woman who decided to have the baby, it ended up that baby, that child that she ended up raising was exactly what she needed to cope with the terrible and horrific rape that she endured,” he said.

“So what I say about that is that God put that child there for a reason,” he continued. “You might not know what that reason is, and no, I’m not a women and I can’t tell you how to feel if that happens to you, but what I can tell you is … two wrongs don’t make a right, and especially if you’re dealing with a blessing from God.”

“Child is there for a reason, give that child an opportunity to explain that reason.”

Watch the video below:

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